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Luxury Extensions

Luxury Extensions

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Individual Extensions for a supernatural and versatile look!

 200 Pieces are typically ideal for a complete hairstyle.

Luxury extensions use i-tips, offering a secure and long-lasting method of hair extension application. With i-tips, you can confidently wear your extensions without fear of them slipping or falling out. Enjoy beautiful and natural-looking hair with these premium quality extensions.

Introducing our new Luxury Extensions, now with advanced k-tip technology. These extensions provide a seamless and long-lasting application, using natural, keratin-based adhesive. No more damage or discomfort- just beautiful, natural-looking hair. Upgrade your extension game with Luxury Extensions!


Embark on a journey of unparalleled beauty with Cambodian hair extensions, an exquisite manifestation of authenticity and elegance. Sourced from the temples of Cambodia, where a deep cultural reverence for haircare is ingrained, these extensions embody the rich and unspoiled allure of Southeast Asian hair.


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